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'When we give ourselves full permission to dream, our fears & doubts have nowhere to hide'- Roxie Nafousi

In life, the majority of us have dreams, aspirations, bucket lists. The one thing that we must have within to achieve what we want is belief, belief in ourselves and for the things that we do. At Stride, we very much believe that saying one thing is ok but the doing it is the most important part. To do so, we must believe in ourselves- without sounding too flowery, it really is that simple.

As a group of creatives it is important for us to appreciate our individual skillsets as well as recognising each others talents. That is our strength, whether it's animation/illustration with Andrea, Graphic Design with Gary, Leanne & Jo, Social Media & PR with Kathryn or Project & Account Management with Helen. We believe in ourselves, in each other & that is the key to Stride's success.

With each sunrise, we move into a new day full of opportunities & living with this belief has helped us to grow & gain multiple new clients this year. We love what we do at Stride. We know what is best for our clients. We know how to strike up a work life balance. Most importantly, we believe in all of those endless dreams & opportunities & so should you.

Get in touch with us if you would like to work with our team.


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