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US Special Envoy to NI

We were honoured to meet US Special Envoy to NI, Joe Kennedy III at the Ability Cafe - Spectrum Centre, with our client Usel (Ulster Supported Employment and Learning).

Joe has offered his commitment to social enterprise leaders in NI, saying his role was to help 'focus on people.'

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet the staff at the Ability Cafe, including Simon - A fantastic chef who spoke so passionately about his experience working there.

We have been working closely with the USEL team to assist with developing PR and marketing activities for their new programmes and supporting them with a number of events.

USEL is the largest provider of disability employment support in Northern Ireland. They are a non-profit organisation, headquartered in Belfast with regional reach across all 11 local authorities. Their mission is to help those with disabilities and other barriers to employment get into work. They provide a range of services including, supported employment, training, and education programmes. USEL have been supporting people with disabilities for 150 years & has a fantastic reputation.


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