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Earlier this year, on the 7th of January to be precise, Stride turned ONE! As a team, we are so appreciative of all the support so far and we look forward to many more birthdays. We had a fabulous day in the office, surrounded by cake and balloons (of course). It was lovely reflecting on the many highs over the past year, with so many reasons to push on.

Turning one is a major milestone for any business. We started Stride with a mission to help our clients achieve their dreams and goals and we just so happened to reach ours in doing so. Together, through hard work, determination and resilience we have built a pretty impressive client base and network. Achieving this all through lockdown was a challenge but a satisfying one at that. There are all kinds of important milestones in business that pass along the way- hiring your first employee, winning your first major project or client or securing your dream business premises. One thing is for sure at Stride is that we celebrate each and every win, no matter how big or small.

Stride means moving forward, helping our clients reach their goals with a clear vision in mind. For us, it’s all about growth this year. Making solid connections and spreading our wings even further than before. There are so many reasons to be proud and it is worth noting that celebrating milestones is the BEST way to see results and grow together. Without our team, none of this would be possible.


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