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We were delighted to be approached by KRA Renewables to help deliver & build a new website for KRA Portugal. The website was presented on St.Patrick's Day in Portugal and the feedback was fantastic.

The initial request was to build a landing page which would inform users of KRA Portugal, however we soon realised that the addition of 2 more pages was the best fit for this project. The website is simple & organised with strong, professional branding & compelling content. Contact information is easy to access and the site also provides a great mobile experience for those away from the desktop.

With a background in construction, project management, renewable energy and sustainability, KRA Portugal offers sustainable development services to clients in Portugal. With the first project underway, they are looking forward to expanding their service offering and working closely with Portuguese partners to deliver Renewable Energy and Sustainability services across Portugal. KRA Portugal is part of the wider KRA group of companies, including KRA Visionary Project Partners and KRA Renewables.

At Stride, we will build your website with a clear purpose in mind.

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