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“Design is intelligence made visible.”

 — Alina Wheeler

Ask anyone about a brand identity and they will think about the logo. This is natural as clever design is what appeals to the eye. However, the logo is just one (very essential) part of the jigsaw.

Clever design is the key to thrive & survive in a busy digital world. When you are building a brand, there are key elements that are a MUST. How will your audience remember your brand? Think about some iconic global giants, Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, Netflix, Disney - what is the common denominator? Drum roll please...Simple, outstanding graphic design!

LOGO- First things first

A logo is a symbol or small design that is used by a business to identify who they are, their products, their personality and services. They say that a picture tells a 1000 words, so can your brand logo. Make your mark on the world with a cleverly designed logo that will set you apart from the rest- reach out to a design agency (cough, cough). A logo is the first interaction your business has with your audience, make it one to remember, first impressions are everything.


Have you came across a brand without colour? Colour sets the tone and mood and conveys your messaging, making it a vital player in the design mix. If you see a red drink, you will assume it is berry flavoured, if you see a green drink you may assume it will have a sour apple taste. Colour associations are powerful, they form & shape our experiences and opinions. One study found that we can make our minds up about brand within the first 90 seconds and that 62-90% of our judgements are based on colour alone.

When choosing the right colour for your brand, take your industry into consideration & choose three to five complimentary colours.

Don't be afraid to stand out.


The font you use is just as important as the logo, it sets the tone for the messaging and what you wish to communicate. Different fonts convey different moods. Let's take Comic Sans, a playful font that works best for Schools, Preschools and for educational purposes. However, when used in the corporate world it could appear childish and immature- you really have to read the room!

Play around with different fonts until you are sure it is the right fit for your brand.

In many ways, fonts each have their own personalities but they all convey meaning. Ask yourself;

- Is my chosen font easy to read?

- Will it appeal to my target market?

- Which fonts will work best together?

Most businesses use one or two fonts in their branding. We recommend choosing a main body font and a secondary font for headings and other text-based design elements- keep it consistent!


Does your brand have the design elements above? Is your brand communicating the right messages through consistent, clear design? If you need assistance in creating a brand or need advice, get in touch with us.

We are a team of experienced and creative professionals, who can help get your important messages to your key audiences, in the right place at the right time.

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