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Social Media Management & Marketing materials

Specialists in eyecare, Opticare had over the years branched out into hearing services. We successfully delivered a marketing strategy for both brands and launched their latest venture Audiocare.

Opticare engaged our social media management services to help build their brand profile, promote their range of services, and grow their online presence amongst specific target audiences. 

Social media managment

Campaign Objectives 

  • Educate existing & potential clients of both brands 

  • Successfully launch sister brand Audiocare & educate the target audience about hearing care - including micro suction earwax removal

  • Increase referrals through content creation 

  • Expand reach through video, reel content & digital advertising

The marketing strategies included a mix of digital advertising, graphic design & video. Digital ads were primarily focused on search, social media and display ads to expand reach. We also designed a mail drop which was well received and increased enquires. 

Thus far, the campaign has been a success across both brands, especially on socials with an increased reach (Instagram) of 1020% over the first 90 days for Opticare. Content is fresh and engaging, using easy to understand language, to advertise services to the target audience.


You can find both Audiocare & Opticare on Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram.  

Opticare Instagram

AudioCare Instagram

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